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 Pricing Plans

Pick and choose what will suit you and your business with fixed fees and payment plans


1.       Company compliance $115.00 incl  annually.  For annual return and any other work throughout the year(includes Fee charged by Companies office).



2.       Banklink Books – Offsite( at your place) $22.00 incl set up (one off) and data capture $22 Incl monthly.



3.       Banklink - $22.00 set up (one off) & data capture $22.00 incl monthly.



4.       Xero packages range from $13.50.00 incl to $32.00 incl for data capture.



5.       Annual compliance work from $450.00 to $2,000.00 excl per annum.  This can be annual compliance work, PAYE, GST, RWT, FBT and income tax,                    reminders for payments, telephone support and general queries throughout the year.



6.       Tax returns only $150.00 excl to $300.00 excl per year.



7.       Tax queries to CCH $172.50 excl per query.



8.       Audit Insurance $80.00 incl (Salary & wages <$500K) to $515.00 incl per annum (Business Group $1m - $3M).  Depends on turnover but includes all            entities including individuals.

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